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Artigo de revisão

Effect of Sleeve Gastrectomy on Fatty Liver in Diabetes type 2 Patients: systematic review

Ibrahim El Bayoumy

Obesity has increased in prevalence around the globe; in many nations, 50–80% of people are overweight or obese. Obese population are opting for bariatric surgeries that i..Veja mais»


The role of state rage as a mediator in the relationships between traumatically bereaved individuals' intents to take part in the criminal trial and their psychopathology

Lisa James

Since the middle of the 1990s, victims of crimes have been given progressively more procedural rights to take part in the legal system. The (anti)therapeutic impact of participa..Veja mais»


Family members of cybercriminals engage in criminal activity, which is more prevalent in the digital age.

Kelly Watson

There is a substantial and expanding body of data that indicates that crime often runs in families. Prior studies, however, solely looked at conventional crimes, and there is ve..Veja mais»


The Evaluation of Sedative, Anti-Convulsant Properties and the Mechanism of the Action Pathway of the Ethanolic Root Extract of Hippocrateae welwitschii

Rosemary U. Okoh-Esene*, Joseph I. Okogun and Simon K. Okwute

The mean duration of sleep in mice increased with an increased dose of the crude ethanolic extract of Hippocrateae welwitschii. The mice dosed with the extract all dropped in an..Veja mais»


Bioactivity Diversity in Coriander Sativum: A Comprehensive Review

Bharat Pandey*, Kamal K. Pande, Lata Pande and Chandra Prakash Tiwari

Coriander sativum, commonly known as coriander or cilantro, is an aromatic herb extensively used in culinary and traditional medicine practices worldwide. This review paper aims..Veja mais»

Artigo de Pesquisa

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Decrease Health Related Quality of Life More than Other Most Frequent Morbidities

Ana Lesac Brizic*and Vladimir Mozetic

Background: Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) are a public health problem. They can be very bothersome and worsen over time and may indicate numerous no..Veja mais»