Journal of Next Generation Sequencing & Applications

ISSN - 2469-9853

Volume 3, Emitir 1 (2016)

Mini Review

The Effect of Saffron (Crocus sativus) Carotenoids on Hemostasis and Atherosclerosis

Zacharias M Sinakosa and George D Geromichalosb

Artigo de revisão

Analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans via Bioinformatics Approaches Basis on their Precursors Statistics Values

Alka Dubey, Shashi Prabha Agarwal, Neelesh Yadav and Rajnish Kumar

Artigo de Pesquisa

Identifying Polymorphisms in the Alzheimer's Related APP Gene Using the Minion Sequencer

Keeley Brookes, Tulsi Patel, Gabriela Zapata-Erazo, Imelda Barber, Anne Braae, Naomi Clement, Tamar Guetta-Baranes, Sally Chappell and Kevin Morgan

Artigo de Pesquisa

Associations between Polymorphisms and Haplotypes in the UDPGlucuronosyl Transferase 1A Gene Family with Lung Cancer Risk

Kathleen M Schieffer, Andrea Y Angstadt, Junjia Zhu, Philip Lazarus and Carla J Gallagher

Artigo de Pesquisa

Targeted Exome Sequencing Outcome Variations of Colorectal Tumors within and across Two Sequencing Platforms

Ashktorab H, Azimi H, Nickerson M, Bass S, Varma S, Brim H